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Circuit Training For Women : 5 Best Exercises

If you want to get fit quickly, circuit training is the ideal form of exercise for you. Circuit training is a unique form of resistance training that mixes bodyweight exercises, weights, and vigorous aerobics to quickly and effectively burn fat. Exercises that target particular muscle groups are incorporated into circuits. Typically, exercises consist of 2-4 circuits that you repeat and each circuit contains a certain number of exercises.

Circuit training is difficult yet extremely effective in gaining muscle and losing fat. This indicates that it is also time effective because you can work out for a shorter period of time due to how quickly and intensely the exercises are performed. Women are increasingly using circuit training to get in shape, add lean muscle, and burn extra fat.

Here are the top 5 circuit training exercises to kickstart your exercise program.

  • Sleek and Strong Workout with Weights

Circuit training is great for women because it can be performed at the gym, with or without weights. The resistance is increased by using light dumbbells in this exercise in order to provide a more challenging workout. The use of many muscle groups at the same time will help you maximize the effectiveness of your workout, burning fat and building muscle at the same time.

  1. Sculpt Session – Abs, Thighs, Butt

This exercise program focuses on all the common “problem areas.” It accomplishes this by including exercises that simultaneously work your glutes and core. Dumbbells are used to engage the arms and keep them working throughout each circuit. Even though it only lasts for 20 minutes, the effects will be felt the following day.

  • Kettlebell Fat Burning Circuit

The kettlebell squat also functions as a pump, circulating blood throughout the body and supplying our joints with nourishing oils. Although this kettlebell circuit is challenging, it is totally worth it! Because there are only 2 circuits and 3 exercises per circuit, this workout is perfect to combine with a cardio session.

  • Whole Body Fat Burning Circuit

Following the current trend towards total body workouts, this circuit combines total body resistance with cardio blasts to keep your heart rate up and burn fat throughout the workout. Although this circuit is time-based rather than rep-based, you must perform three complete sets of each exercise, making it a rather lengthy workout. This one is equally simple to alter and, if necessary, can be performed entirely without weights.

  • Interval Circuit Workout

It would be a good idea to try this exercise if you are ambitious. This one combines intervals with circuits, as if circuits weren’t challenging enough. Therefore, it is essentially cardio on overdrive! Only 15 seconds of break will be given in between each 45-second exercise.  As these exercises are quite advanced, it is advised to have a baseline level of aerobic fitness before beginning.

In Conclusion,

For women, a full-body workout that includes strength training and aerobic conditioning is known as circuit training. While burning hundreds of calories, circuit training enhances cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

Although many health clubs and gyms offer circuit training sessions, you may easily perform circuit training exercises on your own at home or in the gym. You can now enroll at the best ladies circuit gym in Dubai for ladies circuit training.

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