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Xponential Fitness Franchisees Share Insights on Thriving in the Boutique Fitness Industry

As the world’s largest boutique fitness franchisor, Xponential Fitness has built an impressive portfolio of nine distinct wellness and fitness concepts, ranging from stretching and Pilates to barre and cycling. With an extensive network of over 3,000 open studios and licenses for more than 6,250 locations across 49 U.S. states and 24 countries, the company has positioned itself as a springboard for entrepreneurs looking to succeed in the competitive landscape of small business ownership.

Xponential Fitness franchisees, who have built successful businesses under the company’s umbrella, recently shared their experiences, challenges, and the key factors they believe contribute to their success. One common theme emerged: the comprehensive support and resources provided by Xponential’s corporate team. Franchisees praised the step-by-step guidance and the accessibility of experts across various business functions, such as marketing and studio development.

Beth Georges, a multiunit and multi-brand franchisee who owns several Club Pilates studios and a Yoga Six location in California, emphasized the importance of leveraging the expertise of the corporate team. “The best plan for success, especially as a franchisee, is to lean in and learn from those who know more and have more success,” she explained. By relying on the knowledge and experience of the corporate team, franchisees can avoid the pitfalls of trying to navigate the complexities of business management alone.

However, franchisees were also candid about the realities of owning and operating fitness studios. Georges cautioned that investing in a franchise does not guarantee success, highlighting the need for hard work and dedication. She cited statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which show that a significant percentage of small businesses fail within the first few years of operation. Access to a multi-brand portfolio and comprehensive franchisee support system in this challenging environment can be a game-changer.

Successful Xponential Fitness franchisees identified several vital attributes and practices that have contributed to their success. Adaptability topped the list, with Georges advising aspiring entrepreneurs to “get comfortable being uncomfortable.” A willingness to learn and a focus on customer needs were crucial factors. Franchisees emphasized the importance of seeking out advice from corporate team members and fellow franchisees, as well as staying attuned to shifts in customer preferences.

Building a solid sense of community among fellow business owners and within their teams was another critical component of success. Georges described the value of having a core group of owners to share experiences and advice while stressing the importance of hiring good people and helping them realize their dreams. As franchisees expand to multiple locations, developing a solid team becomes even more crucial, as the owner needs help handling every business aspect.

Ultimately, while the Xponential Fitness multi-brand approach and corporate support structure can help lower the barriers to entry and growth for aspiring fitness entrepreneurs, success still requires hard work, adaptability, and sound business practices. As Georges noted, it also helps build a fitness practice business that aligns with one’s passion. “If you are passionate about the work you do in your business, the work is more fun. And that’s the ultimate success — making great money doing something you love!”

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